International S.E.L. Day


International S.E.L. Day STBS is educating children who aren't afraid to feel! "Follow your heart but take your brain with you"-Alfred Adler Thank you to our learning community for celebrating the second annual social emotional learning day! #socialemotionallearning #SELday #allinourfeelings #jaguarstrongallyearlong

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International Pi Day


International Pi Day Happy Pi Day! Fun facts about Pi Day: 1. March 14th is also Albert Einstein's birthday! 2. International Pi Day is March 14, the 14th day in the 3rd month..3.14! 3. The number 3.14 written backwards looks like the word PIE #internationalpiday #alberteinsteinbirthday #jaguarslovepi

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1 Year of Virtual Learning


1 Year of Virtual Learning And to think a year ago we said goodbye to our students for two weeks. We have not only survived but thrived during the last year. Thank you to our wonderful parents for trusting us on this journey, to our students for motivating us every day to share knowledge with you and more importantly put smiles on your faces, and finally to our teachers thank you for pushing forward on the hard days and for always thinking outside of the box! We coud not have done it without you! #jaguars #virtualschoollife #itsbeenayearalready #jaguarscandovirtuallyanything [...]

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