Project Description

Computer /Technology

All students work with computers throughout the school year in a program that includes the use of the operating system, keyboarding, subject based software, word processing, and publishing software.  Computers are also available to students for use in preparation of classroom assignments.  The computer labs and all classrooms are equipped with a data show and are connected to the internet.

Saint Theresa Bilingual School utilizes media technology services, such as: Library, e-readers, which are supervised by the Media Specialist from Saint Theresa Bilingual School.  In the technology department the Computer Labs are updated with equipment and programs on an on-going basis throughout the year; we use FACTS (Renweb) to communicate with our learning community (Parents, Students, Teachers, Administration), and the school is equipped with campus-wide WiFi.  Teachers have access to technology in the classroom via Mimio Smart Bars, Data Shows, laptops, tablets and desk-top computers.