7th Grade Concrete Poems


7th Grade Concrete Poems 7th Grade using randomized words and finding rhyming words to create their own concrete poems. “Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.”- Edgar Allan Poe #stbs #7thgradeliterature #stbsjaguars #poetry #makingpoetryhappen

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ABSH Leadership Retreat 2020


ABSH Leadership Retreat 2020 Our Jaguars giving it their best at this year’s ABSH Leadership Retreat “Great leaders are not the best at everything. They find people who are best at different things and get them all on the same team. -Eileen Bistrisky #leadership #stbs #sainttheresabilingualschool #abshleadershipretreat #leadershipretreat2020 #workingtogether

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Fundacion Hondureña Para El Niño Con Cancer


We had an incredibly informative visit from the Fundacion Hondureña Para El Niño Con Cancer this week. Always trying to keep our families aware of the dangers and what to look for and ways to help. "Supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, honoring the taken, and never, ever giving up."

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